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Soilborne disease management

Soilborne disease management

Project Group: NZ Buttercup Squash

Status: In Progress

Timeline: Oct, 2022 - Mar, 2027

Last Updated: 07/03/2024

Soilborne diseases (SBD), caused by several pathogens, are causing significant losses in New Zealand Buttercup squash production. Growers have individually studied the issue in isolation and implemented their own control measures with little or varied success. There is a requirement to develop an agroecological “whole of farm” approach to manage SBD in squash and other crops grown in rotation.

This project will provide strategies to help growers minimise yield and financial losses caused by SBD. This will be achieved by collating overseas and New Zealand literature and practical knowledge into an agroecological approach, Best Management Practice (BMP) guide to managing SBD. New biological controls will be trialled and incorporated into model farm systems to demonstrate best practice and emerging technology to growers.

Learn more about this project here and read an update here.

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