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Biohub information portal

Biohub information portal

Project Group: Pan sector

Status: Upcoming

Timeline: TBC - TBC

Last Updated: 05/04/2024

BioHub is a proposed information portal for growers to understand the impact of their agrichemical use on beneficial insects.

If there is to be more reliance on softer selective chemistry, and beneficial insect numbers are to build in permanent plantings to increase pest control, more information is needed. The effect of the chemicals applied to crops on these beneficial insects needs to be understood and information for making informed decisions held in one location.

A list of chemicals and their toxicity effects on beneficial insects would allow crop managers to make informed decisions about the chemistry to use, based on crop monitoring results of what beneficial are present in the crop. This is an issue for all crop groups looking to reduce chemical residue inputs.

This project is about creating a free one stop tool accessible by all growers for each chemical used in all crops and its effect on all life stages of New Zealand beneficial insects. The concept is currently being finalised for approval.

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