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Green vegetable bug control options

Green vegetable bug control options

Project Group: Vegetables NZ

Status: In Progress

Timeline: Feb, 2024 - Jun, 2024

Last Updated: 13/06/2024

Green vegetable bug (Nezara viridula) can cause significant damage in fresh market and processed sweetcorn crops. The insect invades crops when cobs are developing. Late instar nymphs and adults puncture corn kernels through the wrapper leaves.  This results in discolouration and can cause portions of the cob to be rejected, although in some cases whole cobs may be rejected if secondary rotting occurs.

To date, the only compound registered for the control of GVB is methamidophos, an organophosphate that is scheduled to be phased out.

Finding an alternative control for GVB is a priority for the ALT programme as it is a high priority crop protection control gap in sweetcorn and aligns with the ‘Move the Needle’ project focusing on identification of alternatives for organophosphates/synthetic pyrethroids.

Two field trials have been completed in 2024 in Gisborne. Two biological compounds and four synthetic insecticides were applied and compared to the industry standard. Results are pending.

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