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Extension: Knowledge Transfer for Behaviour Change

A Lighter Touch’s extension webinar focuses on strategies to encourage grower adoption of emerging technologies.


Who is this webinar for?

Anyone interested in the transfer of knowledge and new concepts to growers, including:

  • Farm/orchard change management
  • Grower adoption/uptake
  • On-farm/orchard cultural practice
  • Uptake of emerging technology for growers


Watch the webinar:

Thank you to our panel of experts for their contribution to this Extension Webinar


Resources for Extension:


1. A Lighter Touch Podcast: Extension Mini Series

We have adapted the Extension Webinar above into several podcast episodes that you can listen to via aCast (below) or Spotify.

2. Australasia-Pacific Extension Network

This website was recommended by extension specialist Denise Bewsell, and has a wide range of articles and resources related to extension and on-farm behaviour change practices.

3. Bennett’s Hierarchy

Bennett’s Hierarchy, as defined in the Extension Webinar above, is used to plan, monitor and evaluate extension programmes.

Bennett’s Hierarchy Visualisation for planning, monitoring and evaluating extension programmes.

You can download our Bennett’s Hierarchy visual here.