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Event Date: 28 February, 2024

Following the success of the spring lettuce Integreated Pest Managment workshops, Vegetables New Zealand is running a summer series focused on broccoli at the Pukekohe demonstration farm in Cronin Road.

With the support of A Lighter Touch, Plant and Food Research and Balle Brothers, the workshops series started on February 7 and are being held weekly, until March 27. Each 90 minute workshop begins with a field session at 8am, followed by a classroom discussion at 8.45am. The classroom session are available online for those outside of the area to join.

Led by pest and disease experts responsible for developing and improving the industry’s IPM programmes, the workshops focus on crop monitoring, how to inspect a crop for pest and disease and identification of beneficial insects. They are also looking at the biodiversity work occurring at the demonstration farm as part of the A Lighter Touch/Vegetables New Zealand/Onions New Zealand project focused on biodiversity planting on vegetables farms. A guest speaker at each workshop provides additional information on a key aspect of broccoli production.

While the workshops are now underway, registrations are still welcome via this form.

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