Lincoln University and the Bio-Protection Research Centre

Lincoln University is well positioned as a science partner of ‘A Lighter Touch’. The land-based university’s specialist research areas of agriculture, horticulture and viticulture span New Zealand’s food and fibre industries which have collectively embarked on the programme. The university’s many research centres enable research delivery that supports its partners.

The Bio-Protection Research Centre, hosted by Lincoln University, finds innovative, natural and sustainable solutions to protect New Zealand’s plant-based, productive and natural ecosystems from pests, diseases and weeds. The Centre is a recognised Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE), formed by New Zealand’s leading plant protection scientists.

Research at Lincoln University traverses the food and fibre sector, including agribusiness and economics, food research and innovation, viticulture and oenology, land, environment and people. Its work, and that of the Bio-Protection Research Centre, will add to the evidence base of ‘A Lighter Touch’, supporting the transition to agroecology.

Research Partners