The objective is to ensure the successful long-term transition to agroecological crop protection and the ongoing focus on consumer demands.

The focus on agroecology, use of novel biopesticides, adoption of biological control strategies, and the incorporation of the best crop protection products and technologies into industry-wide crop protection programmes will be achieved through strategic planning, research on consumer demands, telling our story, and establishing structures that will continue to coordinate research and lead effective change in crop protection long after this programme ends.

Measures of
success will be:

Biopesticides, biological control agents, and a range of new technologies will be incorporated into at least half of industry’s crop protection programmes, and other industry groups have developed implementation plans.
An Institute for Agroecological Crop Protection will be established and effectively coordinating research, attracting funds and investment, and positioned to continue to lead effective change in crop protection beyond the life of the programme.
The horticulture, arable and wine sectors will take advantage of new and emerging markets and consumer preferences into the future.
The sectors will be telling their story of transition to agroecology, supported by credible evidence and data.