Crop Protection

With the objective of achieving the mainstream adoption of agroecological crop protection in New Zealand, this theme will incorporate biopesticides, biological control agents, and a range of new technologies into industry crop protection programmes.

Barriers to upscaling production and adoption of new crop protection products and biological agents will be researched. Focus groups and proof of concept sites will be established to demonstrate the effectiveness of agroecological crop protection programmes.

Measures of
success will be:

Commercialisation projects will have made a range of new biopesticides and biological control agents available to growers.
Proof of Concept projects will have successfully developed agroecological crop protection programmes, and these will be adopted by the sectors.
The horticulture, arable and wine sectors will be taking best possible advantage of market intelligence on consumer preferences, and new and emerging market segments into the future.
The sectors will be telling their story of transition to agroecology, supported by credible evidence and data.