Tomatoes New Zealand Inc.

New Zealand’s one hundred and twenty three Fresh tomato growers are represented by Tomatoes NZ Incorporated.

About 42,500 tonnes of fresh tomatoes are grown year-round in 120 hectares of greenhouses, with a small quantity grown outdoors during the warmer months. Most tomatoes are grown for consumption by New Zealanders; however about 10% of the crop is exported to about 20 different countries including Japan, Australia, the Pacific, and North America.

Tomatoes NZ’s purpose is “To build a resilient, responsible and profitable New Zealand Tomato Industry”. Developing new pest management tools and techniques; and tailored programmes that maximise uptake and benefits of those programmes, are key activities for TomatoesNZ. A Lighter Touch will be a key component of these activities and support the industry strategy priorities of “innovative and technology led solutions” and “Supporting our growers”.

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