Strawberry Growers New Zealand

Strawberry Growers New Zealand Inc represents approx. 160 growers who produce 6,500 tonnes of fruit each year, the majority of which is consumed on the domestic market.

Strawberries are the largest volume product in NZ and globally within the rapidly expanding ‘soft fruit’ retail category. Exports of NZ$8-10million are concentrated around a number of dedicated growers in Auckland and Waikato.

All exports are made by airfreight. Main markets are Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong plus a large number of smaller destinations.

A significant trend within the industry is a move to provide scope for growers to be provided with a wider selection of plant material. There is also a move towards substrata tabletop growing both covered and uncovered.

As of 1 April 2020, the industry will operate under a commodity levy for the first time. This will provide medium term funding certainty particularly for R&D projects.

A strategic plan refresh has recently been completed within which plant protection with the assistance of agroecological crop protection innovation is considered a “core” strategy.

As an active peak body, Strawberry Growers NZ is well positioned for future development and industry growth. A Lighter Touch aligns with SGNZ goals to expand the industry under its banner “Growing Better Strawberries Together”.

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