The first A Lighter Touch Agroecology for Growers workshop took place in Gisborne on 17 September.

Session 1 – Jeff Smith, A Lighter Touch Agroecology Technical Lead

Introducing the A Lighter Touch programme. Enhancing agroecosystems for arthropod biological control in Citrus – why it’s being done and what it’s trying to achieve.

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Session 2 – Dr Charles Merfield, The Future Farming Centre

Technical introduction to the “enhancing agroecosystems for arthropod biological control in Citrus” project.  A roundup from the review report behind this project.

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Session 3 – Matt Carter, Citrus New Zealand

Hosting the site in Gisborne.  Drop monitoring.  Data sharing.

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Session 4 – Dr Asha Chhagan, Plant & Food Research

Introduction to the pests, their lifecycle and ecology.

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General discussion – Jeff Smith and Dr Charles Merfield

The beneficial insects and the plants.

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